Vincent Bossé Immobilier

A family business since 1963, our experience brings us a real estate legitimacy that has long met the requirements of our customers.

We follow our buyers as closely as possible in their real estate endeavors. Our analysis and our listening bring an undeniable saving of time in the research of properties or grounds. During your PURCHASE, we accompany you from the financial set-up to the signature at the notary's office.

On the sellers' side, in addition to our perfect knowledge of the real estate market, you do not have a simple opinion of value at the time of the estimate, but a real real real estate expertise which will make it possible to refine as well as possible the price of setting in SALE.

Our sales people are all experienced and there is no room for chance in our work.

The use of the latest technologies and professional equipment allow us to establish real photographic reports and give us an exceptional visibility on the various advertising media and an undeniable advantage for all our customers

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